Zhenjiang Scharp Machinery Tools Co., Ltd.

Our factory production history can go back to 1959. We are one of biggest and most professional of high speed steel end mills in China.

We can CNC machineries to make high speed steel end mills.

Our cutting tools range cover as follows:

1)Metal Cutting Tools Series:

A) drill bits, center drill bits, reduced shank drill bits, taper shank drill bits, subland drill bits, reduced shank drill bits, step drill bits, conical drill bits. Solid carbide drill bits, carbide tipped drill bits;

B) milling cutters, end mills, woodruff cutter, dovetail cutters, shell mills, cyindrical milling cutters, side milling cutters, t-slot milling cutters. Slitting saw and so on.

C) machine and hand use thread taps, spiral point taps, spiral flute taps, forming taps, nut taps, nut taps with bent shank, kinds of round dies, taps holder, round dies holder.

D) countersink and counterbores,

E) tool bits, round, rectangular, square;

F) machine and hand use reamer, spiral flute reamer, morse reamer, pin reamer and so on.

Also we trading in

2)Woodworking cutting tools series:

Auger bits, hinge bits, step drill bits, saw drill bits, countersinks drills, other wood working cutting tools.

3)Other Cutting tools:

Steel files, Carbide Burrs, Glass Drill Bits (Tile Bit), Masonry Drills, hammer bits.

4)Machinery accessories: Collet, er collet, center, sleeve, arbor, lathe chucks, and kinds of CNC machinery accessories.

We conduct cutting performance test and inspection for all our cutting tools before shipment. Our QC staff has more than 20 years cutting tools inspection experience.

We can produce DIN/ISO/GOST (GOCT)/ANSI standard cutting tools. Also we could supply special cutting tools according to customers′ design.

We only choose top quality raw material for our tools production. Our raw material only from the top brand of domestic high speed steel plant. All our raw material we keep stove serial number, which we can track orgional during heat treat process and even necesary to track origonal in case of quality defect.

We have our own welding plant. With advanced friction welding machine we can guarantee the strength and stabiity of welding. For tools shank material we choose only alloy steel, this guarantee the right torch and hardness of our tools during even high speed cutting.

We have our own heat treat plant. With advanced equipment of salt-meltng equipment this make our tools hardness, right inner micro constructure, hot hardness of our tools. With right and controllable temper and quench process this give the good base of the good quality of our tools.

We have advanced cutting tools test lab. Our inspection instrument incuding zoller, X-ray and many other precise equipments.

We have our own coating equipments. Using advanced coating technology makes our metal cutting tools working life increase 20-30% and only increase cost by 5%.

Also we can work as half finished products supplier for overseas high speed steel metal cutting toosl MFG. For example, our countersink blank, counterbore blank, taps blank, drill bits blank. We have wide and long term experience in supply half finished products.

We also work as OEM model, under customer′s authorisation we can laser printing customers′ logo on the tools.

Our products are widely used in machinery building, ship building, aerospace, automobile industry and other industrial field.

Some metal cutting tools we can supply under customer′s speical design drawing.

Recently we built a high quality production line. With top quality of CNC and this make our producetion process more automatically.

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