Kunshan Canuri Precision Tools Co., Ltd.

About Us

With more than five years of enriched experience, we, Sepal Tools, are bringing forth precision engineered products. We are renowned importer, exporter and supplier of Hand Tools, Cutting Tools and Industrial Tools etc. Our entire range of products is made using high grade raw material by our vendors.

Since our inception, we are committed to offer our clients with true value for their invested money and ensure to cater them with most personalized and transparent services within specified frame of time. With our constant focus on offering quality and products to our clients, within the given time frame, we have carved a distinct position in international market, such as, Australia, South-West Africa, East Europe, East Asia and South America etc.

Customer-driven Evolution Becomes Revolution

Along the way we found that our customers had a lot of technical questions and were looking for online tools to assist their daily activities with cutting tools. So, we started to build a wide variety of technical resource tools. Handy calculators, reference tables, application guides;

The list just kept growing. It seemed that word about "Sepal Tools" started to spread, and soon we started getting emails for all kinds of tooling requests. It ended up that customers were simply saying to us "Hey, any chance I could just buy all my carbide tools online at

Sepal Tools. As a result, we started working hand-in hand with various carbide manufacturer

To become a full line distributor of cutting tools.
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