Drilling Tools

HSS Magnetic Drill Annular Cutter 14mm Depth with Weldon Shank

Kunshan Canuri Precision Tools Co., Ltd.
  • Customized:Non-Customized
  • Certification:ISO
  • Usage:Metal Drilling
  • Material:High Speed Steel
  • Use:Metal Drilling
  • Type:Core Drill Bit,

Base Info

  • Model NO.:14*50
  • Deepth:35mm,50mm,75mm,100mm
  • Diameter:12-65mm
  • Transport Package:Plastic Box + Carton Box
  • Specification:14*50mm
  • Trademark:SEPAL
  • Origin:China
  • HS Code:8207509000
  • Production Capacity:100000PCS,Months


SPHX-6Cutting Dia      (mm)Cutting Depth   (mm)Cutting Dia
Cutting Depth  (mm)Cutting
 Dia    (mm)
Depth  (mm)
 Dia    (mm)
Depth    (mm)
 Dia    (mm)
Depth (mm)
122512351250187518100132513351350197519100142514351450207520100152515351550217521100162516351650227522100172517351750237523100182518351850247524100192519351950257525100202520352050267526100212521352150277527100222522352250287528100232523352350297529100242524352450307530100252525352550317531100262526352650327532100272527352750337533100282528352850347534100292529352950357535100302530353050367536100312531353150377537100322532353250387538100332533353350397539100342534353450407540100352535353550417541100362536353650427542100372537353750437543100382538353850447544100392539353950457545100402540354050467546100412541354150477547100422542354250487548100432543354350497549100442544354450507550100452545354550517551100462546354650527552100472547354750537553100482548354850547554100492549354950557555100502550355050567556100512551355150577557100522552355250587558100532553355350597559100542554355450607560100552555355550   100562556355650   100572557355750   100582558355850   100592559355950   100602560356050        100

Delivery Details:
*3-5 days if have in stock,it takes 25days if not stock.
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*Our company near to Shanghai or Ningbo port.
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*T/T: 100% In advance, or  30% payment in advance, the rest 70% before shipping.
*L/C: Irrevocable L/C at sight.
*Western Union: 30% payment in advance and the rest 70% before shipping.
*PayPal: 30% in advance, and the rest 70% before shipping. But customer should pay 5% bank fees.

1.What kind of characteristic of your company?
   We belong to both manufacturer and trading company.
2. Can you supply samples?
    Yes, we can. 
3. Can you produce non-standard products?
   Yes, we can. (Please send us drawings or samples)

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