Sino Abrasives Limited


Sino abrasives designs, develops, integrates and manufactures a complete range of cutting, grinding and polishing products for all kinds of customers. Including, Superhard materials- Diamond tools, CBN tools, T. C. T tools, Resin bonds abrasives, Sanding tools, Non-woven tools and so on.

Sino Abrasives Limited was born in 2003. It′s initially just an abrasives tools factory. After a decade hard work, we had been a integrity manufacture, owned the full automatic abrasives production line, Superhard materials production line and Laser welded line.

We are always focus exclusively on the Creative and Service. We sincerely hope can supply the most appropriate service and products to you!


L Raw material cost advantages:

Sino abrasives limited are cooperated with the best partners including international suppliers and domestic suppliers: 3M, NCA BUFFALO, CUMI, SINOMACH, ZHONGNAN, ZZSM and so on.

After years cooperation, we have the advantage cost for the best quality raw materials.


L Automatic Efficiency:

Our production center covers an area of 14000 square meters. Full automatic machines are more than 70%. The abrasives capacity is more than 0.9 million pieces per month.

Besides, the automatic machines can produce more precisely and more standardly. Benefits by it, we can easily keep the quality stable.

L Advantage of Technical

Enterprise itself development, communication with raw materials suppliers, as well as the industry association conference, professional technical support of industrial institutions, we obtained the characteristic of technology accumulations.

Sino Abrasives Limited believes we have the ability to provide customized product service for each customer.

L Quality supervise system

We firmly believe that management is the first productive force. Sino abrasives limited had been certificated by ISO 9001 at 2009.

Meanwhile, we had built ourselves quality management system- Smart system. Advanced chemical analysis equipment, scientific quality control methods, strict management system had ensured we can do standardized regulation and information records for daily work: It starts from raw materials, to production, to the finished product testing and so on.

Logistics Advantages:

The advantages of location greatly enhance the efficiency of customer visits to relevant industrial centers.

Sino Abrasives Limited′s marketing and manufacture center is located in Taizhou city, central Jiangsu province. It is only two hours′ drive from Shanghai, the international business center. It is only an hour′s drive from Suzhou, the international cultural tourism center. It only takes an hour to reach the power tool base Nantong or Nanjing. It is only a 40-minute drive from Danyang, the center of the hardware base.

International Service:

Free language communication. Besides English, the marketing service team can communicate in various languages for customer service. In addition, enthusiastic service, professional communication is the purpose of our service. In order to facilitate the customers′ time difference, we have 24X7 hours duty hotline. Let our sincerity be with you forever.
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