DANYANG DAMING TOOLS Co., Ltd. Is one of the professional manufacturer of drill bits in China,

Now we can provide the following cutting tools:

1. HSS straight shank twist drills:

(DIN338, DIN340, DIN1897, DIN345; ASME B. 94.11M: Jobber length, Taper length, Screw Machine Length, Aircraft Ectension, etc);

2. HSS taper shank drills: ( Rolled, Milled);

3. Masonry drills (Chrome plated, Nickle Plated, Zinc plated);

4. SDS Hammer drills;

5. Wood working series: (Wood working drills, Wood Auger bits);

6. Various kind of drill sets in many different types;

7. TCT saw blades

8. Diamond saw blades

9. HSS Hole Saws;

10. HSS Tapes;

11. All kinds of drill sets.

Therefore, our products are well accepted by many customers from all over the world, mainly in North America, Asia, Europe, MID East, South America and other countries and regions.

For a completive quotation or any further information, please don′t hesitate to contact us at any way. Our sales staff will be pleased to assist you with our best.
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